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I started photographing home interiors and exteriors for Pb Elemental, a local architectural firm, in 2005. The arrangement started when I was handed the keys to one of their fledgling projects and given full creative freedom to capture the structure, inside and out, as I saw fit. It was one of the most grueling, yet satisfying, projects I can recall. The results of that first shoot was the beginning of a great relationship with the client. I was afforded the freedom to wow the them, which resulted in an over-delivery of creative content. Fun times, indeed.

Many of the shots in this gallery are several years old. Since their creation, my skills and hardware have improved dramatically.

Just a few of the clients I have worked for include:

• Pb Elemental Architecture
• Mitra Mohandessi Architecture
• Dwell Architecture
• Royal American Sunrooms
• Ketchikan Drywall Services

My work has been featured in publications such as Dwell Magazine and Seattle Met.

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Sunpower Project

A small collection of home exteriors captured for Sunpower solar panels

Royal American Sunrooms

A few samples of work done for Royal American Sunrooms

Pb Elemental Architecture

Samples from various projects shot for Pb Elemental

Mitra Mohandessi Architecture

Samples from Issaquah and Newcastle homes

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