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About Me

Allow me to introduce myself as the “un-photographer”. People often mistake me for a photographer, probably because the majority of my images start with a camera in hand. I may be more aptly described as an obsessive digital image creator, hence the moniker “Digital Savant”.

For me, creating the perfect image doesn’t come from a simple understanding of camera mechanics, lens math and light metering. It goes much deeper than that. The perfect image comes from a combination of things that cannot be taught in school – having the wherewithal to notice and capture a fleeting moment that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, possessing an innate ability to connect with people on a level that instills trust, and being humble. That is just the beginning. What comes after is an understanding that no camera on earth has the ability to reproduce what memory and imagination can see. The most important ingredient that goes into all of my images is Love.



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